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Sclerotherapy Los Angeles


The Inside Scoop:

You may think sclerotherapy is an old-fashioned vein treatment, but the solutions we use today make it more effective and practically painless. -Cory

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Patient Tip:

Sclerotherapy gave me the confidence to wear shorts again in public. -Ann

When it comes to removing leg veins, sclerotherapy is a time-tested favorite. This treatment has been in use longer than any other and is hard to beat for spider vein removal. In our Los Angeles area medical spa, we see many women, and even some men, for treatment of this harmless, but unwelcomed condition.

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Treatment of:

Spider veins, those red, purple, and blue veins that are most often seen on the legs

Number of treatments:

Most spider veins need a series of treatments for optimal results


Return to everyday activities the next day, and vigorous workouts within a week

Treatment details

Sclerotherapy treatments are simple and pretty quick, depending on how many areas you want to treat. We use a fine needle to inject tiny amounts of sclerosing solution into the spider veins. The solution is an irritant that makes the veins collapse and eventually fade out of sight. You will need to wear compression stockings initially to help the veins collapse properly. Walking is a good thing, so plan to do that daily.

Sclerotherapy is great for treating spider veins, not the larger, bulgy ones called varicose veins. Our Los Angeles area vein treatment clients usually need specialized procedures for them.

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