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Aveli® Cellulite Treatment in Los Angeles, CA

Say Goodbye to Cellulite!

Cellulite is stubborn, confounding, and frustrating. And contrary to what many think, cellulite is not caused by being overweight or sedentary. But now, there’s a way to eliminate cellulite by breaking down its foundational walls. That procedure is Aveli® Cellulite Treatment.

What is Aveli Cellulite Treatment?

Aveli is the newest and most effective treatment available to fight cellulite. This minimally invasive and FDA-approved procedure gets rid of cellulite in a single session lasting less than an hour.

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How does Aveli work?

Cellulite results from subdermal bands of connective tissue putting pressure and tension on your skin’s surface, creating a lumpy “cottage cheese” or “orange peel” appearance. Aveli works by precisely cutting those bands, allowing the skin to smooth itself.

These bands are called septa. Aveli’s handheld device enables your doctor to mechanically release the septa. The device houses a light and a hook. The light allows for navigation under your skin, while the hook releases a tiny blade that severs the septa. The Aveli device then verifies that the cellulite dimple has been completely released. What separates Aveli from all other cellulite treatments is its precision.

What is cellulite, how does it form, and why is it so hard to get rid of?

Cellulite is a condition that causes skin dimpling. More than 90 percent of women develop cellulite regardless of their shape or size. Many scientists now believe that cellulite is fueled primarily by hormones. At least three other components contribute to cellulite. As we get older:

  • Our fat cells grow
  • Our skin gets thinner
  • Our connective tissue bands (septa) stiffen and shrink, pulling unevenly on our skin
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Benefits and Advantages of Aveli Cellulite Treatment

  • Minimally invasive
  • Single treatment session
  • Very little downtime
  • Verification that targeted cellulite dimple has been released
  • Fewer side effects than previous cellulite treatments
  • FDA-approved

What body areas can Aveli treat?

Aveli has proved to be highly effective in eliminating cellulite from the thighs, hips, and buttocks.

Are you a candidate for Aveli Cellulite Treatment?

Prior to treatment at Marina Medspa in Los Angeles Aveli candidates should be in good general health, and have realistic expectations. Ideal candidates:

  • Have a Body Mass Index (BMI) of less than 25.
  • Have not had a liposuction procedure in the same body area
  • Have minimal skin laxity

If your doctor determines your cellulite is primarily caused by skin laxity, Aveli may not be the recommended treatment. While there are no “hard and fast” age restrictions, most Aveli patients are between 25 and 45 years of age.

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Selecting the Right Provider

Aveli’s precise technology requires the precise skills of an elite physician. At Marina Med Spa, we take a highly personalized and meticulous approach. We invite you to discover the difference of Marina Med Spa by scheduling a consultation.


You’ll be given a local anesthetic on your treatment areas. Your Los Angeles Aveli provider will then insert the device through several small incisions and carefully guide it beneath your skin to locate and sever the connective tissue bands that cause cellulite dimples, verifying the complete release of each dimple.

Aveli achieves extremely precise results by enabling your doctor to target the specific band that is causing a cellulite dimple. Finally, your treatment areas will then be covered with absorbent dressings and cushioned pads. The entire procedure generally takes about an hour.


You can drive yourself home and can immediately return to most of your normal activities. But hold off on any vigorous lower body exercise like running or cycling for 10-14 days. You’ll have some light to moderate bruising in your treatment areas and may feel some temporary tenderness or pressure when you sit down. In some cases, clear or pink fluid may leak from insertion points for a day or two.

Aftercare and Maintenance

Avoid extensive sun exposure and apply a high-SPF (30 or higher) sunscreen over your treatment areas for at least a month following your procedure.


You’ll start to see results once your swelling and bruising subside, but it may take a month for those benefits to become more readily apparent. Full results should be evident within 90 days following your treatment. Survey results indicate that 80 percent of Aveli patients report their cellulite was either “much improved” or “very much approved” following their treatment.

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Smooth Those Cellulite Dimples!

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At Marina Med Spa, we treat all of our patients like family. We invite you to join our family! If you are interested in achieving smoother, more youthful-looking skin with our Aveli Cellulite Treatment Los Angeles aestheticians at Marina Med Spa can answer any questions you have or address your concerns during a consultation. Please give us a call at (310) 818-7104 to schedule one today.

Aveli Cellulite TreatmentFrequently Asked Questions

Since the procedure is performed using a local anesthetic, you should feel no discomfort during your treatment. Afterward, most patients report moderate discomfort when sitting on their treated areas for 2-3 days.

All procedures carry risks, in this case, including infection and allergic reaction to medications or materials used in treatment. Common side effects are generally restricted to bruising and tenderness that may take up to a month to fully resolve.

Aveli is designed as a one-session treatment.

Not completely, and that includes topical creams, caffeine pills, diet, exercise, weight loss, and massage. While some of these strategies may help make cellulite less noticeable, none of them will eliminate cellulite.

No. Since cellulite treatment is considered a cosmetic procedure, your insurance will not cover the costs.

While costs will vary from person to person, and depending on the number of cellulite dimples treated, industry figures place the average cost range of Aveli treatment between $3,500 and $4,500. Have a full conversation with your doctor about costs prior to your treatment.


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