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Resonic Cellulite Treatmentin Los Angeles, CA

reduce cellulite and feel your most beautiful

Cellulite can put a dent in your confidence. What’s worse is that it doesn’t seem to improve no matter how hard you work to stay in shape. When cellulite won’t go away with diet and exercise alone, Resonic cellulite treatments can be an effective way to smooth out any bumps in your look.

At Marina MedSpa in Los Angeles Resonic cellulite treatments include the latest advances in aesthetic technology, like Resonic. This simple and pain-free procedure can help you reduce cellulite and feel your most beautiful. Schedule a consultation today, so we can help you get the smooth, sleek physique you deserve.

What is cellulite?

Cellulite is a common occurrence in adult women and is seen when fat is deposited within the fibrous tissue underlying your skin.

When this happens, the connective tissue can stiffen, making the skin appear lumpy, dimpled, or uneven. While its exact cause is unknown, it is believed to be the result of a combination of factors — metabolism, genetics, hormones, etc. — and not the result of poor diet or exercise.

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What is Resonic?

The brand new Resonic cellulite reduction platform from Soliton uses a proprietary technology called “Rapid Acoustic Pulse” (RAP) to deliver high-frequency sonic waves into the connective tissue, softening and restoring flexibility to its structural bands (called “septa”).

How do I know if Resonic is right for me?

If you’ve been looking for non-surgical cellulite treatment, Resonic may be right for you. Its safety and versatility make it a great option when you want to treat cellulite in a variety of areas, including:

  • Stomach
  • Hips/waist
  • Buttocks
  • Thighs

During your consultation for resonic cellulite treatment Los Angeles providers at Marina MedSpa will take the time to listen to your story and thoroughly evaluate your condition. Together, you and your aesthetic specialist will create a personalized treatment plan that addresses your specific goals and fits your lifestyle.

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Am I a good candidate for Resonic?

Cellulite treatments with Resonic are completely non-invasive, and because it uses sound waves, Resonic is safe to use on almost all skin types.

Generally, you should be in overall good health and have no active infections, and are not pregnant. Be sure to let your cosmetic care provider know about your complete medical history, including if you have any metal, plastic, or electronic implants. Also, inform your provider if you’ve had a surgical procedure within the past three months. As with any elective procedure, we recommend you consult with your primary care physician in advance.

Resonic cellulite reduction Procedure

Resonic cellulite reduction is completely non-invasive, so there are no anesthetics or incisions involved. For most patients, treatments can be completed in less than an hour.

While the exact procedure will vary according to the patient’s individual treatment plan, procedures generally begin with the patient being placed in a comfortable position that gives the provider ready access to the treatment area. The cellulite treatment device is attached to the Resonic cellulite reduction handpiece and placed on the skin.

The RAP technology is then activated, and the device emits high-frequency sound waves into the skin. This energy travels through the outer layers and physically interacts with the structures within the connective tissue while simultaneously helping rejuvenate the skin itself. The treatment is applied over the entire area to ensure even, natural-looking results.

Resonic cellulite reduction Recovery

There is no downtime associated with Resonic cellulite treatments, so patients can typically return to their normal routines immediately. Some patients may experience minor side effects, including mild discomfort, a feeling of heat, and temporary redness at the treatment location. These usually resolve themselves within a few hours.

Resonic cellulite reduction Results

Patients who undergo cellulite treatments with Resonic can often see results immediately. There is generally a noticeable decrease in the appearance of cellulite, and the skin will typically have a smoother look and feel. Many patients are satisfied with their results after just one treatment, but multiple treatments may be necessary in some cases. Also, remember that every person’s body is different, so results will be unique to each patient.

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