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Laser Vein Treatments Los Angeles

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Patient Tip:

The laser takes care of the tiny red veins and dots that show up on my face. Just a dab of concealer, and no downtime required. -Ann

Clear skin is beautiful skin. Redness and visible veins are not a welcome sight, whether on your face, chest, or legs. At The Institute, we make it quick and comfortable to clear up your skin with an advanced laser vein removal treatment in our Los Angeles area office.

To find out more about all of the ways we can help you look younger and more beautiful, request a personal consultation or call us at (877) 298-9915.

Treatment of:

Unsightly red, purple, and blue veins on the legs, as well as broken capillaries and rosacea on the face and chest

Number of treatments:

For most conditions you will need a series of treatments spread out over several weeks


No downtime, except for mild redness for a few hours after treatment

Treatment details

Our medical lasers are perfect for treating unattractive veins and redness on all skin colors and types. The laser harmlessly penetrates the surface of the skin and treats the cause of your redness. We offer 2 of the most effective and advanced systems:

  • CoolGlide XEO combines pulsed light technology and long-pulsed technology called Nd:YAG which does the job right with little to no discomfort. While treating veins, it also bumps up collagen production for firmer, younger-looking skin.
  • The Cutera® Excel V™ laser combines a KTP Laser with a high-powered Nd:YAG laser to treat skin irregularities in various skin depths. This combination requires minimal laser energy for safe, comfortable, yet effective treatments. The Cutera Excel V Laser provides a way to precisely treat concerns such as large and small veins. In addition, the Excel V laser significantly improves the appearance of vascular lesions and port wine stains.

These lasers can also help to even out your skin coloring and remove unwanted hair. You could say they’re a triple threat!

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