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miraDry – Excessive Sweating

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The Inside Scoop:

I had MiraDry treatment for underarm sweat and I absolutely love it! I no longer worry about embarrassing stains on expensive clothes, nor ruining silk blouses.

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Patient Tip:

I combined miraDry with laser hair removal to cut down the steps in my daily beauty routine. I love feeling effortlessly smooth and dry!

If excessive perspiration has ever caused you to sweat through your clothing, you may benefit from a new procedure for hyperhidrosis in Los Angeles called miraDry. miraDry is an FDA-cleared treatment for the reduction of excessive underarm sweating. In Beverly Hills, this procedure is recommended for people who are embarrassed by the amount of underarm sweat they produce, or who are bothered by underarm odor or constant sweat marks on their clothing. Treatment is quick and comfortable and provides immediate benefits.


To find out if miraDry in Los Angeles is right for you, please request a personal consultation or call us at (877) 298-9915.


Treatment of:

Excessive underarm sweating, also called axillary hyperhidrosis

Number of treatments:

2 treatments spaced 3 months apart or as needed


Resume normal activities immediately, exercise in about 1 week.

Treatment details

miraDry is different from other sweat treatments like clinical antiperspirants or BOTOX® because it uses electromagnetic energy to permanently damage sweat glands. The destroyed sweat glands do not grow back, which means sweat production is inhibited long term. Clinical studies have found that on average, people who have 2 or more miraDry treatments enjoy 82% less underarm sweat for 2 years.

Your miraDry treatment should take no longer than an hour and requires no time away from your normal routine. The system’s integrated cooling mechanism ensures that you remain comfortable throughout your procedure; however, additional numbing agents can be used to minimize any unpleasantness. There is some swelling and soreness after treatment but this can be easily minimized with pain medication and ice packs.

Once your miraDry session is complete, you’ll notice the results right away. You may feel slightly sore or swollen under your arms, but these side effects fade within a few days. Your results will be instantly noticeable and you should enjoy a dramatic reduction in underarm perspiration. A second treatment after 3 months is recommended for even longer-lasting results.

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