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Obagi Blue Peel in Los Angeles, CA

your skin’s youthful tightness and brightness can be restored

Smooth, clear skin that is healthy can be one of the most beautiful aspects of the face. With an Obagi Blue Peel Los Angeles patients at Marina Medspa can achieve a restoration of their skin’s youthful tightness and brightness.

Performed by an experienced physician assistant, this peel differs from other chemical peels in that it uses a TCA (trichloroacetic acid) solution to remove dead skin cells and stimulate new skin cell production. Because it acts slowly, this skin treatment for women and men allows the physician assistant to control the peel process, enhancing the results. To learn more about the Obagi Blue Peel Los Angeles residents can request a personal consultation or call us at (310) 818-7104.


The Obagi Blue Peel is a deep, clinical-strength chemical that one of our experienced physician assistants applies, providing for your safety. A strong peel, its depth allows for greater skin improvement of common concerns, including uneven skin tone, texture irregularities, and even shallow lines and wrinkles.

To begin your Los Angeles Obagi Blue Peel, the physician assistant will apply the peel based on the level of skin damage you have. In general, your peel will last for about half an hour. An Obagi Blue Peel typically does not require sedation.

When your peel is first applied to the skin, you may feel some warmth and tingling, which usually lasts for only a few minutes. You may have a bluish tint to your skin, which generally washes off in 12 to 24 hours. The physician assistant will carefully determine the depth and other aspects of your peel to achieve the best results for you.

Obagi Blue Peel Los Angeles
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After your peel, you may experience some slight swelling for a few days. In 2 to 3 days after the procedure, your skin will begin to peel. This process will continue for about a week. Within 10 days, your skin should be healed and you will experience the many benefits, such as tighter skin, minimized wrinkling, and brighter, smoother skin.

Treatment of:

Sun damage, uneven pigmentation, acne scarring, freckling, and wrinkling.

Number of treatments:

1 to 3 treatments, depending on the severity of skin concern.


Healing time differs for individuals. In general, the skin will continue to improve for the next 4 to 6 weeks.

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