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BOTOX Cosmetic Los Angeles

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Patient Tip:

The BOTOX injections were so fast and easy…and I am kicking myself for not having done these years ago. I could have prevented so many expression lines by just having a few simple injections every few months. -Tara

BOTOX® Cosmetic is an excellent choice if you’re wondering what you can do about those lines around your eyes and creases on your forehead. Our Los Angeles BOTOX patients choose this treatment because it is easy, effective, and safe. It takes just a few tiny, gentle injections near your trouble spots and the BOTOX goes to work. Within just a few days your skin starts to smooth out and wrinkles fade.

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Treatment of:

Wrinkles caused by facial muscles (dynamic wrinkles) like forehead creases, vertical lines between the eyebrows, laugh lines, and crow’s feet

Number of treatments:

Just 1 is all it takes for smoother skin that lasts for months!


None, just avoid rubbing the treated area for the first day



Before & After


Before & After

Treatment details

BOTOX doesn’t fill out wrinkles; it lets the wrinkles smooth out on their own by relaxing targeted facial muscles temporarily. We are so skilled and experienced in performing BOTOX treatments that our Los Angeles and Beverly Hills patients never worry about looking fake or frozen. Facial expressions will still look natural, because untreated facial muscles will be able to contract normally. You can expect your improvements to last about 6 months, but a quick touch-up every 4 to 6 months can keep your smooth, refreshed look going on and on.

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