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Stop Sweat at the Source

Sweating serves a vital function in regulating body temperature and preventing overheating. However, those with hyperhidrosis experience an overactive sweat mechanism, leading to excessive sweating even when the body doesn't require cooling. This condition can be a major source of embarrassment, affecting both personal and professional interactions and causing heightened anxiety. If you're struggling with excessive sweating, don't hesitate to contact our team to learn more about our hyperhidrosis treatment in Los Angeles.


At Marina Med Spa in Los Angeles, CA, innovative solutions meet expert care. With the introduction of the Brella SweatControl Patch, we're proud to offer revolutionary hyperhidrosis treatment led by our skilled team of professionals dedicated to your comfort and confidence.

What is Hyperhidrosis?

Hyperhidrosis, a condition characterized by excessive sweating beyond what's necessary for temperature regulation, can significantly impact daily life. Symptoms of hyperhidrosis, such as persistent underarm sweating and odor, can lead to embarrassment and discomfort, affecting both professional and social interactions.

What causes Hyperhidrosis?

The underlying causes of hyperhidrosis can vary, from genetic predisposition to hormonal fluctuations and certain medications. Overactive sweat glands play a crucial role, producing more sweat than needed to cool the body, resulting in constant dampness and discomfort.

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Meet the Brella SweatControl Patch

Enter Brella: a game-changer in the realm of hyperhidrosis treatment. Utilizing advanced technology, the Brella SweatControl Patch targets overactive sweat glands with precision, offering a non-invasive solution for long-lasting relief. By blocking sweat production at the source, Brella helps restore confidence and comfort without the need for invasive procedures or extended downtime.

At Marina Med Spa in Los Angeles Hyperhidrosis Treatment with the Brella SweatControl Patch helps get excessive sweating under control. Book your appointment today!

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With Hyperhidrosis treatment Los Angeles patients who visit Marina Med Spa to use the Brella SweatControl Patch can expect to see the following benefits:

  • Experience improved quality of life with reduced sweating and enhanced confidence.
  • Enjoy the convenience of a non-surgical treatment option with minimal disruption to your daily routine.
  • Targets concerns in the armpit area for customized relief tailored to your needs.


If you're tired of battling excessive sweating and seeking a non-surgical solution, you may be an ideal candidate for Hyperhidrosis Treatment with the Brella SweatControl Patch. For those dealing with primary axillary hyperhidrosis, our team can assess your eligibility and create a personalized treatment plan to suit your needs.

Using the Brella SweatControl Patch

During your consultation for hyperhidrosis treatment at Marina Med Spa, our medical professionals will provide detailed instructions on how to use the Brella SweatControl Patch effectively. Typically, the patch is applied for a specified duration at regular intervals, allowing you to experience gradual improvement in your symptoms over time.


The results of the hyperhidrosis treatment can vary from patient to patient, but many individuals experience noticeable improvement shortly after treatment. With continued use and maintenance, you can enjoy long-lasting relief from excessive sweating, reclaiming your confidence and comfort in everyday situations.

Why choose Marina Med Spa?

Marina Med Spa stands out as a premier destination for cosmetic and dermatological treatments, offering a comprehensive range of services tailored to meet the diverse needs of its clientele.

With a commitment to excellence and a focus on delivering natural-looking results, Marina Med Spa combines modern technology with the expertise of its experienced professionals to ensure every patient receives personalized care of the highest standard. From advanced skincare treatments to innovative body contouring procedures, Marina Med Spa utilizes the latest advancements in the field to help patients achieve their aesthetic goals effectively and safely.

With a warm and welcoming atmosphere and a reputation for exceptional customer service, Marina Med Spa provides a sanctuary where individuals can feel confident and empowered on their journey to enhanced beauty and self-confidence.

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Learn More About our BRELLA SWEATCONTROL PATCH at Marina Med Spa Today

It's time for a drier, more confident you. Contact Marina Med Spa today to schedule your consultation and learn more about the benefits of the Hyperhidrosis Treatment with Brella SweatControl Patch. Our friendly team is here to answer any questions you may have and help you take the first step towards a sweat-free future.

BRELLA SWEATCONTROL PATCH Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the Brella SweatControl Patch has received FDA clearance for hyperhidrosis treatment, ensuring its safety and efficacy for patients seeking relief from excessive sweating.

Absolutely. The Brella SweatControl Patch offers a safe and effective alternative to surgical interventions, providing targeted relief from hyperhidrosis with minimal risk and downtime.

While the Hyperhidrosis Treatment with Brella SweatControl Patch offers long-lasting results, individual responses to treatment may vary. For some patients, periodic maintenance sessions may be necessary to sustain optimal results over time.

The cost of Brella SweatControl Patch treatment can vary depending on factors such as the number of treatment sessions needed and the area(s) being treated. During your consultation at Marina Med Spa, our team will provide you with a personalized treatment plan and detailed pricing information.

Insurance coverage for hyperhidrosis treatment may vary depending on your provider and individual policy. We recommend contacting your insurance company directly to inquire about coverage options for hyperhidrosis treatment.


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