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You work out. You eat right. But sometimes, there are still places on your body where your progress just doesn’t show as it should. In those cases, it’s time to get technology on your side.

CoolTone is a revolutionary treatment that tones and sculpts muscles to perfect the look you’ve worked so hard to achieve. This advanced, non-invasive treatment is available at Marina MedSpa — the premier provider of non-surgical body contouring in the Los Angeles area. To find out how CoolTone can help you refine your physique, contact us today!

What is CoolTone?

CoolTone is an advanced toning and sculpting non-surgical body contouring treatment from the makers of CoolSculpting. While CoolSculpting uses cryogenic processes to freeze and destroy fat to improve body contours, CoolTone works quite differently.

Instead of targeting fat cells, the breakthrough with CoolTone is that it targets muscle. The CoolTone is an FDA-cleared device that uses a proprietary technique called “Active Magnetic Pulse” (AMP) to stimulate muscles through the skin. The magnetic energy causes the muscle tissue in the treatment area to contract and relax at a very high frequency, far higher than you could achieve with even the most rigorous workout. Muscle science experts specifically designed these rapid stimulation patterns to provide active recovery while toning, firming, and strengthening your muscles.

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Am I a good candidate for CoolTone?

While the CoolTone procedure is safe, it may not be appropriate for everyone. If you have any metal, electrical, or electronic implants, you shouldn’t have a CoolTone treatment in those areas. This can include things like pacemakers, defibrillators, neurostimulators, and drug pumps. You and your provider should discuss any medical conditions you have.

CoolTone treatments should not be done during your period or over areas of skin where you don’t have normal sensation. It should also be avoided if you have other medical conditions like fever, tumor, epilepsy, recent surgery, or are pregnant. Skin conditions like infections or inflamed areas should be avoided, and CoolTone should be used with caution in anyone with a diagnosed or potential heart problem. We will review your medical history before your Los Angeles CoolTone treatment to make sure you are a healthy candidate for this procedure.

How do I know if CoolTone is right for me?

This treatment alone doesn’t eliminate fat, so it’s best suited for people already at or near their ideal body weight but still have areas that aren’t as toned as they want them to be. CoolTone can treat many areas of your body, including:

  • Chest
  • Stomach
  • Back
  • Buttocks
  • Thighs
  • Calves

During a consultation for CoolTone Los Angeles patients and their aesthetic professional will discuss all areas of concern. Together, you will craft a unique treatment plan that fits your desired results. Most patients undergo four to six treatments with CoolTone to reach their desired results.

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CoolTone Procedure

One entire CoolTone session takes about 30 minutes. You can even remain fully clothed and reclined comfortably for the duration.

Once seated, we will place the CoolTone paddle over the targeted area. The frequency of the magnetic energy will be adjusted to find the appropriate level for you, depending on your unique anatomy and comfort level. Most patients report feeling contractions and some slight warmth but no pain or discomfort.

Most CoolTone treatment plans utilize increased intensity at subsequent sessions, so your experience may change throughout your treatment. However, if you ever start to feel uncomfortable, let your cosmetic medical professional know, and they will adjust your treatment to make you comfortable.

CoolTone Recovery & Results

There is no downtime associated with CoolTone treatment sessions. Some patients experience minor soreness in the treated area, but this is usually comparable to a typical gym workout. Other side effects may include redness, muscle spasms, and mild joint or tendon pain. These are almost always mild and dissipate within 24 hours.

Once your course of CoolTone treatments has been completed, you should see visible improvements in the tone and firmness of the treated muscles. Keep in mind that everyone’s body is different, so results vary. Proper diet and exercise will make your results last as long as possible.

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