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Laser Scar Therapy in Los Angeles, CA

Do you have a scar from an injury or disease?

Does it detract from your sense of beauty or remind you of a painful time in your past? Well, scars don’t have to be lifelong blemishes anymore, thanks to laser scar therapy.

Marina MedSpa in Los Angeles, California, is home to all of the most advanced tools and methods available in cosmetic medicine, including laser scar therapy. Our specialization in non- and minimally-invasive treatments means we can customize a treatment plan that fits your full lifestyle. Our highly-trained and professional staff is ready to help you reduce or eliminate your scars and move on from your past.

What is Laser Scar Therapy?

When an injury or serious disease strikes, scars often form as a natural part of the healing process. Your body protects the damaged skin by reinforcing it with fibrous tissue.

This scar tissue may be stronger than the surrounding skin, but it is often characterized by a different color and texture and can even have a shape that stands out from the rest of your skin. At Marina Medspa in Los Angeles Laser scar therapy works by using high-intensity light to reshape and repair scar tissue. The bursts of light energy destroy the damaged cells and allow new, healthy skin to form in its place. They also promote the production of new collagen and other beneficial skin compounds.

Los Angeles Laser Scar Therapy
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How do I know if Laser Scar Therapy is right for me?

Different scars can require varying forms of treatment, but this will be assessed during your consultation at Marina MedSpa. Depending on the type of scar you need to be treated with laser scar removal Los Angeles patients will work with a cosmetic care professional who will help identify the exact treatment that will work best for you. A variety of scar types can be treated successfully with laser scar therapy. They include:

Surface Scars

Texture or color irregularities that don’t cause pain or impaired function; can include acne scars

Hypertrophic Scars

Thick clusters of scar tissue developed at the location of the wound; often raised and discolored (darker or lighter).


Larger and extend beyond the original injury site; can be painful or itchy Contractures — scars developed by skin and tissue pulling together during healing; can be painful and restrict movement.

Laser Scar Therapy Procedure & Recovery

Treatments with laser scar therapy can be performed as outpatient procedures and take less than an hour. Some patients require multiple treatment sessions, but this depends on the scope of the established treatment plan.

During a typical procedure, your provider will clean the skin and may apply a mild anesthetic. They will then use the handpiece of the laser device to apply the high-intensity light directly to the scar tissue. The entirety of the scar is targeted, and some scars may require multiple passes with the laser. In some cases, an ointment and/or bandage may be applied by your aesthetic professional to protect the new skin as it heals, and you’ll be given detailed instructions on how to care for the treated area. Patients often experience some redness and discomfort — similar to a sunburn — for the first few days.

Laser Scar Removal Los Angeles
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Laser Scar Therapy Results

Recovery is usually complete within two weeks of the last treatment session, but final results may not be realized for several months because it can take some scars that long to fully heal. Even before the full results have appeared, there should be a noticeable reduction in the scar’s visibility and texture. Given proper healing, these positive changes should last a lifetime.

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