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DUSA BLU-U Los Angeles


The Inside Scoop:

We suggest laser skin rejuvenation to smooth away acne scars, after your acne is cleared up with our BLU-U treatments. -Cory

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Patient Tip:

Make sure you stay out of the sun for the first few days after your BLU-U treatment because your skin can burn very easily. -Jonathan

blu uNo one wants acne, but it can seem impossible to really get rid of it. That’s because it’s difficult to reach the bacteria that causes acne without irritating the skin. The DUSA® BLU-U® is a unique blue light acne treatment in Los Angeles that penetrates right down to the oil glands and puts an end to the source of your troubles.

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Treatment of:

Acne and actinic keratoses

Number of treatments:

Less than 20 minutes, twice a week for about 4 weeks


No down time



Before & After


Before & After

Treatment details

BLU-U treatments are very simple, relatively painless, and can be soothing. While wearing protective eye goggles, you sit in front of the warm, but not hot, blue light for about 20 minutes per session. You might feel a slight tingling, stinging, or prickly sensation during the session. The skin will clear gradually with each treatment as the bacteria are destroyed your blemishes heal.

If you’re bothered by actinic keratoses or severe acne, we can intensify BLU-U treatments by pre-treating with the Levulan® Kerastick®. This topical solution, which is left on the skin for up to 30 minutes, enhances the blue light’s effectiveness. For acne scar treatment, our Los Angeles patients are best treated with a laser skin rejuvenation treatment like Fraxel®.

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