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SmoothShapes Los Angeles

Cellulite is stubborn. If you are like most women, you have this dimpled condition somewhere on your body – like your thighs, buns, hips, or abs. While there is no cure (not even liposuction gets rid of it) we have an amazing, non-surgical, cellulite treatment available in our Los Angeles area medi spa called SmoothShapes®. It dramatically smoothes out dimpled, rippled skin that can spoil the look of even the most toned silhouette.

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The Inside Scoop:

Your SmoothShapes results are very dependent on the effort and experience of your practitioner. Choose carefully.

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Patient Tip:

Be patient! It took a few treatments, but my cellulite is noticeably reduced. -Rita

Treatment of:

Cellulite, the dimpled or “orange peel” looking skin that usually shows up on the hips, thighs, and butt

Number of treatments:

Two 30-minute treatments per week for 4 weeks, then a touch-up at 6 months



Treatment details

SmoothShapes is a completely non-invasive treatment that blends laser and light energy, vacuum pressure, and mechanical massage. The light and laser energy liquefy fat, while the massage rollers and vacuum pressure stimulate the body to correct the tightened tissues and isolated fat pockets that give skin that lumpy appearance.

These treatments provide non-surgical body contouring at our Los Angeles area medical spa. Results will reveal themselves gradually with each treatment. Each woman responds in her own way to the treatment, with some achieving dramatically smoother skin. Others, while still enjoying improvements, may have less significant results. You can help maximize the amount of cosmetic improvement by eating a healthy diet and continuing to exercise.

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