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VISIA Skin Analysis Los Angeles

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Patient Tip:

I didn’t think my nightly skincare routine was that important. Once I saw the comparison photos, VISIA motivated me to keep it up. -Jenny

At The Institute, we make looking good even easier with advanced computer technology. Skin health depends on more than what meets the eye. VISIA™ skin analysis lets us see the whole picture – damage on the surface of the skin as well as what’s hidden below. View our full menu of spa offerings to find out more information on this procedure.

To find out more about all of the ways we can help you look younger and more beautiful, request a personal consultation or call us at (877) 298-9915.

How it works

VISIA is your first step towards skin rejuvenation. Our Los Angeles skin care specialists begin by taking high-resolution digital pictures of your skin that let us see every wrinkle and pore. We also take special ultraviolet images to show sun damage below the surface. The VISIA system analyzes the images and rates them on several criteria, such as wrinkles, pore size, sunspots, and evenness of color. It also compares your results with others of the same age and ethnicity.

What comes next

We use your VISIA profile to plan a precise and effective rejuvenation regimen for your unique needs. Whether your optimal plan of action includes a combination of treatments like Thermage® and Fraxel® or an individual wrinkle treatment like Dysport®, VISIA will pinpoint areas and levels of damage to ensure you get the right treatment for you. We also use the results to prescribe home skincare regimens that our Los Angeles clients use to enhance their skin’s health. We’ll give you a copy of this report, which includes the details of your imaging, recommendations for treatment, and skin care options.

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